• Woven throw blanket - Dimanche matin

    Woven throw blanket inspired by 1960s furniture that shines in Parisian apartments. Our woven throws (w/fringe) are Jacquard woven by skilled artisan weavers in USA textile mills using 100% cotton.

  • Mini Wavy Rug

    Above Mini Wavy Gradient Rug is a complimentary sample for you to check the materials and texture of the rug when deciding on purchasing the actual product.


    Celebrating the launch of our new Zen Garden Collection.

  • Sculpted Liquid Rug - Creamy pistachio x Creamy ice blue x Jaffa orange

    The color combination of sunbathed creamy pistachio, ice blue of blue soda tinged with melted ice cream, and thick skinned sweet juicy orange.

  • Sculpted Liquid Rug - Caramel x Cotton purple x Plums

    The color combination of slightly burnt bitter-sweet butter caramel, fluffy-purple color of a cotton candy cooked from purple sugar, and sour-sweet ripe plum that grew under the spring sunlight.

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