【Medium】KEISUKE SHODA x TAKUNOBU SAWADA collaboration ceramic( Japanese-style Geometric pattern)

할인 가격¥8,900

Collaboration Ceramic plate with the Kyoto based ceramic artist TAKUNOBU SAWADA.

Original plate using Moth.

京都出身  とうアーティスト澤田卓伸(さわだ たくのぶ)とのコラボレーション 陶器。


Size : 200 x 200 mm

1985 Born in Kyoto
2000 Starts making ceramics and becomes an apprentice to his potter father

Takunobu Sawada did not go to pottery school nor acquired the skills from his father for wheel throwing and painting: He obtained most of the techniques through books.
He has always been devoted to patterning and honed his prowess of designing on his own. He then studied the basics of tinting and ceramic firing from his father.

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