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Smoke threads dance between the long spaces between Hong Kong’s skyscrapers “TOBACCO INTENSE”



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Musubi Cushions are back!


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Musubi is back ! They'll be launched on 2nd Feb 10am JST

Musubi Cushions in 4 different fabrics.

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The big scale rug

French modern mid century decor rug

The rug with three layers of arches and multiple vivid colors such as purple and pink, is finely made from the blended fabric of wool and rayon. 


Poppy Gradient Rug

A huge single poppy blossoming under opulent early-summer European sunlight—Poppy Gradient Rug with an evocative design capturing such scene, is made of rayon and wool threads. It can be a doormat or a piece to accent your living room.

Wavy Gradient doormat

Wavy Gradient Doormat designed with the well-balanced harmony of curves and circles̶is the new innovative rug, sheerly invented by STUDIO THE BLUE BOY.You will feel a pleasant touch on the feet when placed on the colorful waves of the rug. A delightful sensation that cannot be conveyed by the typical square, rectangular, and round rugs.

New Service

Bespoke prodction by our founder Keisuke Shoda

STUDIO THE BLUE BOY will launch a bespoke rug service in 2023, offering a full range of services from planning the design and producing rugs to suit the style and needs of hotels, commercial facilities, cooperate offices, and private homes.

STUDIO THE BLUE BOYは、2023年よりホテルや商業施設、企業のみならず個人宅などそれぞれのスタイルや要望に合わせたラグを、企画からデザイン、制作までを請け負うビスポークラグサービスを開始いたします。

Made in Kyoto, JAPAN

The production background is in Kyoto, Japan, where the STUDIO THE BLUE BOY products are crafted. 

Made with 100% New Zealand wool yarn.

もちろん、制作の背景はSTUDIO THE BLUE BOYの製品と同じ生産地である京都・日本で。


The process begins with an interview with Keisuke Shoda, founder and designer of STUDIO THE BLUE BOY; then, the production process is shared with the artisans, and the artisans complete the rugs at a weaving factory in Kyoto.

STUDIO THE BLUE BOYの創設者兼デザイナーであるKeisuke Shodaによるヒアリングから始まり、制作の過程をシェアしながら京都の織物工場にて職人により一枚のラグを完成させます。

The process of making a bespoke rug | ビスポークラグが出来るまでのプロセス

*The size of bespoke rugs is unlimited. However, depending on the size, we may suggest making it into separate rugs or recommend a particular shipping method. 

*Prices vary depending on the size, shape, the number of colors of yarns used, and the use of special treatments.



Contact us for bespoke Art Rug | ビスポークラグ について問い合わせ

Once we recieve your email, will write you back with details.



“I wanted to create a beautiful piece of furniture, an ultimate item that compliments people’s lifestyles. The first thing that came to mind was the rug.”

Keisuke Shoda—an inspiring art director/graphic designer whose work is seen not only in Japan but all around the world—has founded STUDIO THE BLUE BOY. Since little, he has been interested in art and expressing his creativity on canvas. The art-rugs are his drawings morphing into a real life object—They are born from the extent of his representations that render architectures, interior designs, furniture, and sceneries that he has encountered in his journeys. Shoda is deft at transforming his designs into exquisite shapes, and highly perceptive of selecting exceptional materials and defining superlative manufacturing processes. Each rug is meticulously handmade by the textile craftsman in Kyoto, and every intricate task, from dying to weaving, is done in one studio. The abstract style, texture, and pleasant feel of the rug—The wonderfully quirky shaped creation gives visual joy, and a subtle romantic escape from an ordinary life.  


STUDIO THE BLUE BOY uses 100% New Zealand wool for all the rugs. The wool is progressed to spun yarns; then put through hot water, dyed with colors and dried for the end result.


The colors are carefully planned out based on the redrafts of Shoda’s rough sketch stretched out to the actual size of the product. 


The dyed yarns are made neatly into yarn cones using a winder. The yarn cones are then placed on a small portable machine called a hook gun (or a tufting gun) that is used manually to weave a rug with a steady motion.The rugs are made one by one with precision, bringing the patterns and colors of the sketch to life.


For the backing, natural rubber resin is attached to maintain shape and keep the yarn from unraveling; and as the final step, the front fabric is shirred.


STUDIO THE BLUE BOY proudly presents the high quality made-in-Japan craftsmanship to the world through its extraordinary masterpiece.  We are not merely interested in creating beautiful furniture, but to unveil beauty that already resides in your everyday life—This is our mission as STUDIO THE BLUE BOY.   ーSTUDIO THE BLUE BOYー

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