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パターングラフィックを100% 麻 素材の生地にプリントしたバッグは近所に買い物に行く際や、大きな荷物を運ぶ際にもお使いいただけます。

「STUDIO THE BLUE BOY」のロゴを牛革にプリントしたタグがグラフィカルなバッグに馴染みカジュアルなシチュエーション以外にもお使いいただけるマルチビッグトートバッグです。


590 x 440mm ハンドル(最高位置から本体まで) 250mm

マチ 125 x 45mm
本体プリント生地 麻 100%



A large size tote bag decorated with graphic design patterns inspired by the blue beach and cityscape of Bali, Italy.
It is made from 100% hemp; perfect for shopping locally or carrying heavy loads.

This graphic pattern tote bag—modestly adorning a cowhide brand logo patch—is multi-purpose; suitable not only for casual events but for any other occasions.

This marine inspired beach bag is thoughtfully designed for various purposes; it can be converted as a shopping bag to carry loads of fruits and vegetables, or a convenient nappy bag for new-moms. It is an all-rounder bag.

The Graphic Print Tote Bag
Measurement: 590 x 440mm
HandleDrop: 250mm

Bottom: 125 x 45mm

Printed Fabric: 100% Hemp

【Care Instructions】
The dyes in the article may bleed and transfer to light colored materials from abrasion. Avoid washing with other fabrics. After washing, make sure to dry the article without getting in contact with other fabrics.

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