Kyo-sensu - Nautical Twilight (Purple Green)

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This Kyo-sensu is handmade one by one by artisans from Kyoto—the city where the STUDIO THE BLUE BOY rugs are made. Kyo-sensu has 1,200 years of history, and all the parts from the fan's surface to "senkotsu" (framework or ribs) are finished and produced in Kyoto and Shiga-prefecture. There are 88 steps overall to create a Sensu, such as making the fan ribs and paper, painting, and structuring. Everything is done by hand and requires high skill sets; there are dedicated artisans in every step to complete a piece. 

We are using the bamboo from Shimane-prefecture, and the cutting design is STUDIO THE BLUE BOY's original achieved with a laser cut. 

Furthermore, we use 100% Japanese silk for the surface. The silk fabric is dyed in graduation with a special dyeing method called Danbokashi dyeing. 

Conventionally, the surface is made with a single piece of fabric. However, for our Sensu, besides the main gradient fabric, we pasted another single-colored fabric with a space in between to create a novel duo-colored Sensu

The item comes with a Sensu case reusing the leftover fabric from the Sensu and the original paulownia box with a gold foil stamp of the STUDIO THE BLUE BOY logo. 

*Available only in limited quantities.

- Nautical Twilight (Purple Green)

Post-sunset sky. The Sensu captures the moment of sky tinted with purple as the sun sets below the horizon, forming a gradation with a faint pastel green at the horizon surface and warm pastel yellow from the city lighting up in the dusk. 

Composition / Description

Fan’s surface made from silk (Japan)

Ribs made from bamboo (Japan)

Handcrafted in Japan 

Approximate fan width: 21.8cm 

Approximate case width: 23.5cm

  • Fabric folding fan
  • Sensu case


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STUDIO THE BLUE BOYのラグの生産地である京都にて職人の手によって一本一本丁寧に仕上げられた京扇子。「京扇子」は、1200年の歴史を持ち、扇面・扇骨・仕上げ加工すべて京都・滋賀を中心とした国内で生産した扇子の事を言います。扇子ができ上がるまでには、骨作りから地紙づくり、絵付け、組み立てなど約88の工程があり、そのほとんどが手仕事で熟練を要するため、それぞれが分業になっており、それぞれの職人が腕をふるいようやく一本の扇子へと形を成します。
扇子に使用している竹は島根県産のものを使用し、STUDIO THE BLUE BOYオリジナルのデザインをレーザーカットにて仕上げています。
また、扇面には100%日本産 絹(シルク)を採用。絹は、段ぼかし染と呼ばれる浸け染め技法にてグラデーションを表現しました。


今回扇面に使用した生地を再利用した扇子袋、STUDIO THE BLUE BOYのロゴが金箔押しされたオリジナル桐箱をセットにして販売いたします。

- Nautical Twilight (Purple Green)


サイズ 扇子:約21.8cm 袋:約23.5cm



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