Chemigrams Rug #01

Sale price¥397,000

Newest rug from STUDIO THE BLUE BOY

CHEMIGRAMS RUG is inspired by patterns spawned from a chemical reaction when pasting chemicals (photographic developer and fixing solution) on the chemigram - photographic paper founded by a Belgian artist in the 50s.

Instead of conveying the beauty of nature on earth and substances per se, the rug comprises various elements, embracing novel colors and shapes of pre-existing things elaborated with human knowledge, ideas, and the power of chemistry.

The rug incorporates characteristics from our past released rugs, such as the visually alluring gradation and uneven texture achieved by the dextrous skills of our artisans in Kyoto.

*Shipping cost for this product will be different from our fixed standard shipping cost as the size of the rug is over 3 meters long, larger than the other products

*Due to the size of the product, we may not be able to ship to certain countries

Size : 1378 x 3400 mm

New Zealand WOOL

パイル:ウール( ニュージーランドウール)を使用しております

Made in KYOTO, JAPAN. Made to order.

【About International Shipping】

DDU at your place
You are to bear the import duty at the destination.

If you need more details regarding this item please feel free to contact us at

Dispatched within 8 - 9 weeks but it depends on where you live.

The product will be shipped within 1 week after the order is placed.

*For international shipping, it may take an extra 1-2 weeks for delivery.

*The new rug will shed especially for the first 2-3 months; however, the shedding will diminish after some time. We recommend vacuuming the rug once every week.

※Please note that delivery times may be longer for shipping outside of the JAPAN.

Shedding of loose fibers is normal with new wool rugs and a natural result of being handcrafted.
Shedding will diminish with regular vacuuming, typically within three to six months.

    CHEMIGRAMS RUG (ケミグラムス・ラグ)は、1950年代にベルギー人アーティストの手によって新たに発見された印画紙に化学物質(写真の現像液と定着液)を塗り、そこで起きた化学反応によって生成されたパターンデザインからインスパイアされデザインされました。







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