Cuhion Cover WHITE(Dots)

Precio de oferta¥4,800 Precio normal¥8,900

This is the first art piece directed by KEISUKE SHODA.

Picture drawn on the art board is great but how about having the art closer to you brighting up your daily life.

Enjoy your art daily with abstract design on the cushion cover.

The cushion is made of thick oxford (100%COTTON) .

For the best color printing especially for the graphic art, we used the unique printing machine in Kyoto.

Each cushion has original tag with a serial number.


KEISUKE SHODAが自身初のアートピースとして作ったクッションカバーです。

同氏の代表的なアブストラクト グラフィックを大胆にあしらったクッションカバーは純日本製。クッションの素材は、やや厚手のオックスフォード(COTTON 100%)を採用。




素材:コットン 100%

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