Canvas Home Shoes - Magma cascade

Precio de oferta¥4,100
サイズ: S

STUDIO THE BLUE BOY's latest innovation is a pair of comfortable home shoes crafted from thick cotton canvas and adorned with exceptionally vivid original graphics.

The heel section is designed with integrated cushioning, ensuring comfortable wear for extended hours without easily causing fatigue. Additionally, the backside of the toe area is equipped with anti-slip features, providing comfort and secure movement in various indoor settings.

The design draws inspiration from the bright red magma created by the melting rocks, flowing between the gaps in the rocks.
It transcends the fluorescent pink that gleams in the cloudless, clear navy night sky, along with the even waves of the gray rocks into the design.

*Available in three sizes: S/M/L
*Suitable for both men and women
★ S size = Recommended for those with foot sizes ranging from 22-25cm
★ M size = Recommended for those with foot sizes ranging from 25-27cm
★ L size = Recommended for those with foot sizes ranging from 27-31cm

The female model in the photo has a foot size of 24cm
and is wearing size M.

*Please be aware that, due to the printing process on the fabric, there is a possibility of color transfer to white or light-colored socks when worn for extended periods, particularly in conditions involving sweat.


STUDIO THE BLUE BOYが新たに提案する、厚手のコットンキャンバスを使用し、彩度が高い色のオリジナルグラフィックが施された履き心地の良いホームシューズ。

★S size = 足のサイズが、22-25cmの方の推奨サイズ
★M size = 足のサイズが、25-27cmの方の推奨サイズ
★L size = 足のサイズが、27-31cmの方の推奨サイズ



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