Wavy Gradient Rug - French modern mid century decor

Sale price¥490,000

STUDIO THE BLUE BOY is presenting a sheer new cutting-edge rug—Wavy Gradient Rug. The rug—designed to suit perfectly in grand spaces such as the living room and under the dining table—is inspired from the Art Deco interior décor and embellishments that became ubiquitous in the year 1910 – 1912 in Paris; yet infused with the brand’s unique interpretation of the style.

The rug with three layers of arches and multiple vivid colors such as purple and pink, is finely made from the blended fabric of wool and rayon. 

Size : 2058 x 3000 mm

New Zealand WOOL,Rayon

Made in KYOTO, JAPAN. Made to order.

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Dispatched within 8 - 9 weeks but it depends on where you live.

The product will be shipped within 1 week after the order is placed.

*For international shipping, it may take an extra 1-2 weeks for delivery.

*The new rug will shed especially for the first 7-8 months; however, the shedding will diminish after some time. We recommend vacuuming the rug once every week.

※Please note that delivery times may be longer for shipping outside of the JAPAN.

Shedding of loose fibers is normal with new wool rugs and a natural result of being handcrafted.
Shedding will diminish with regular vacuuming, typically within three to six months.

    私たちSTUDIO THE BLUE BOYが提案する全く新しい定義のラグ「Wavy Gradient Rug」から最新のデザインが登場。リビングルーム、またはダイニングルームのテーブルの下など、大きなスペースにぴったりはまるよう設計され作られたラグは、1910-12年代にパリで登場したアール・デコ スタイルを受けて作られたインテリア内装や装飾などからインスパイアされSTUDIO THE BLUE BOY独自の解釈のもとデザインされたラグです。


    Size : 2058 x 3000 mm

    New Zealand WOOL,Rayon




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