STUDIO THE BLUE BOY is releasing its last incense of the series on December 19th 5pm JST.
#04. Floating in The Night Sky of The Urban City “HARVEST MOON”
大都会の夜に漂う"HARVEST MOON"
Under the moonlight, the contours of the trees reveal as the wind drift softly through the vast hinoki forest. The gold-colored silver grass appears at the lighted path. The conflation of poised clary sage and profound yet soft amber waft through the night of the urban city.
Main ingredients
- Indian Sandalwood -
It is an aroma derived from the roots of Mysore sandalwood found in Mysore, India. It has a thick, prominent, sublime, and sweet scent.
- Fijian Sandalwood -
Fijian Sandalwood has a sour yet sweet and youthful characteristic scent.
- Patchouli -
In ancient times, Patchouli was believed to be a sacred therapeutic herb. It has a woody yet refreshing scent. It was originally used as a medicine in ancient India as it relieves tension and anxiety.
- Cinnamon -
Cinnamon, with its distinctive sweet and slightly spicy scent, is used as a traditional herbal medicine to improve digestive health and many others. Cinnamon and sandalwood enhance the aroma of patchouli, adding sweet softness to the accord.
- Sage -
Sage stimulates your senses with its clear and refreshing scent. It also has antibacterial/antiviral properties.
- Benzoin -
Benzoin has a sweet vanilla-like scent that helps you breathe deeply and relax.
- Clove -
Exotic and spicy aroma—clove adds a kick to the accord with its stimulating yet pleasantly refreshing scent.
- Japanese cypress oil -
Japanese hinoki or cypress oil has a refreshing yet gentle scent, and is known for its antibacterial, insect repellent and air refreshing properties; however, it also helps relax and prevent your brain from overworking—a natural therapeutic effect as of forest bathing.
- Clary sage oil -
This slightly sweet herb is said to help relieve PMS, menstrual disorders, and sexual issues.
- Cypress oil -
The aroma with a bit of citrusy and woody scent as of hinoki and cedar is known to improve barrier function of the body and for its high antibacterial property.
- Amber -
Amber is one of the animal perfumes like musk and exudes unique sexiness with its sweet relaxing scent.

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